Graham Avenue, Brooklyn - The Neighborhood Shop

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5000 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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This expansive retail space for rent is in a gray building located on the corner of 69 Graham Avenue. It has an open floor plan, a floor-to-ceiling windowed, front-facing facade, and florescent lighting. It also offers plenty of room for storage. You'll be in trendy Bushwick, home to hipster-inspired concept stores, and ethnic restaurants with cool vibes. This neighborhood is adjacent to Williamsburg, arguably the borough's hottest address. Sweet Science, serving American food, is three blocks away. Local coffeehouse favorite Rise Radio is less than two streets over.

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This sizable retail space will satisfy the needs of any brand looking for a lot of square footage and room for storage.
Heures d’ouverture

Du lundi au vendredi : 9:00 - 21:00

Weekend : 9:00 - 21:00

Les règles à suivre
Section 6 of this Agreement shall be replaced in its entirety by the following insurance provisions that the Licensee, Unit 9 Films, will provide. The coverages provided are as follows:

1. Commercial general liability and broad form property damage insurance, which insurance shall have a combined single limit of not less than Five Million ($5,000,000.00) Dollars.

2. Cause of Loss-Special Form insurance in an amount adequate to cover the replacement value of all personal property, decorations, trade fixtures, and inventory, and all contents therein.

3. If a sprinkler system is located in the Demised Premises, sprinkler leakage insurance in amounts reasonably satisfactory to Landlord.

4. Workers' Compensation Insurance covering all persons employed, directly or indirectly, in connection with any finished work performed by Tenant or any repair or alteration authorized by this lease or consented to by Landlord, and all employees and agents of Tenant with respect to whom death or bodily injury claims could be asserted against Landlord or Tenant, as required by the law of the State where the Demised Premises are located.
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