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Kensington High Street - Shop & Basement


1 492 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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A newly-refurbished location, this space is comprised two levels with a well-lit ground level that has been modified to several light fittings in addition to the natural light that comes in through its glass front. It’s a long, rectangular space with grey flooring. To the rear is a staircase that leads down to the basement which is long and white, with a bare concrete floor.


Always busy, Kensington High Street is home to lots of businesses, retail outlets and the majority of the music industry’s major labels are based around here. Expect a mix then of local workers, affluent residents and tourists.


To the left is a beauty salon, with an estate agents to the right. This premises is on the ground level of an apartment block, so upstairs are residential spaces – across the road are more apartments.


  • Toilettes
  • Sous-sol

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Bon à savoir

This location is a few hundred metres away from the epicentre of shopping and activity on the high street so may struggle a bit compared with businesses that operate right in the thick of it.


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