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London City Airport – Open Space


100 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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City Airport is a business orientated airport, with a fast growing leisure market. The number of passengers increases annually - over 4.6 million will have traveled through in 2016. This space is placed directly inside the main entrance, with 100% coverage of all departing and arriving passengers. Imagine what that kind of footfall could do for your idea.

Being right in the entrance, all passengers pass this spot. Think about bold branding and intuitive, attractive messaging to grab people’s attention right away. The space is ideal for retailers, product placements, promotional activities, events, innovative partnership ideas or even F&B. Separate storage space and further information on passenger demographic and volume all available on request.

City Airport is located in the Royal Docks, approximately 11 km east of the City of London and a shorter distance east of Canary Wharf. It's an international airport, best known as a jumping off point for many of the financial City's workers: people heading off for business meetings in the likes of Frankfurt and New York. Think about what your audience needs on the go.


  • Éclairage
  • Comptoirs
  • Réserve
  • Accès handicapé
  • Wifi
  • Parking

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Bon à savoir

Airport passes will need to be obtained by any staff intending to work on the kiosk ahead of time, however this is a fast process carried out by the airport team.


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