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Moor Street Station - Flexible Space, Birmingham


3 362 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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Moor Street is the second busiest station in Birmingham, after the mighty New Street. In recent years it’s enjoyed increased services from London, as well as connecting passengers across the Midlands. Give your idea a rush of commuter footfall here.

This space is inside the station and was formerly used for training workers and storing stock. It’s a huge space with all-glass at the front, high ceilings and grey carpeting. The layout is L-shaped, and you’ll have lots of room to spread your idea across - product launches, exhibitions, events or even ambitious retail concepts. The space is fully wheelchair accessible.

The area is busiest just before, during and after rush hour each day. So if you're looking for a huge, flexible retail space with a high footfall, this could be a great choice. All trains coming into the station will pass by your door – show them something different.


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This is a huge space, get creative with your plans to fit it out.


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