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Redchurch Street - Shop Share


11 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


À partager



Western Assembly is a contemporary menswear boutique in East London – but its ideas and collections hail from all across Europe. You’ll find brands like Stutterheim (Sweden), La Paz (Portugal) and Homecore (France) alongside classic Brit labels like Wolsey.

The Western Assembly team are looking for a lifestyle, grooming or accessories brand to take over wall space inside the shop to compliment their edit of independent, European menswear. The installation of fixtures and fittings is up to the tenant - alternate the height of shelves, or potentially add a rail. The store is light, bright and contemporary throughout with storage space available to share at the back. Window space for display is also available.

Running parallel to Bethnal Green Road, Redchurch Street is also home to shops Kit and Ace, Nudie Jeans and Modern Society. As more and more great ideas overspill from Shoreditch and nearby BOXPARK, it’s a great time to launch new ideas to a ready and receptive audience.


  • Éclairage
  • Étagères
  • Cabines d'essayage
  • Chauffage
  • Toilettes
  • Système de sécurité
  • Réserve
  • Wifi

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Les règles à suivre

No ready to wear brands too similar to the existing products on sale in the space - lifestyle, grooming or accessory brands would be ideal.

Fixtures and fittings for the wall space will need to be provided by the tenant, and plans signed off in advance by the landlord.

Space includes window display (vinyl allowed on the glass but needs to be signed off by the landlord) and space to display products in front of the window, plus the main wall space.

Brands with European heritage preferred as it will fit best with the existing collection.

Minimum stay 3 weeks.

Bon à savoir

The landlords are looking for a brand that complements rather than conflicts with their product. So no ready to wear brands too similar to the existing products on sale in the space. Lifestyle, grooming, accessory brands would be ideal. European heritage would also be preferred.


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