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Psychedelic yet serene – this is Camden at its most quirky

If Salvador Dali was reborn as a Victorian interior decorator, it’d go a long way to explain the Stables. Bronzes of life-size ponies prance through prison-like architecture, and mini market stalls drip with prayer beads or Moroccan lamps. The punters and stallholders are no less characterful.

The Stables is essentially a honeycomb of over 400 boutiques, venues and clubs. Crowds flock to the catacombs, which features pop-art fronted vintage emporiums, and an ex-horse hospital that’s gallery by day, and cabaret club by night.Look for a space to rent or enquire about doing pop up shops in the Stables market today.

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I grew up around here so I consider Camden home. Having the market so close has always been amazing. I remember exploring when I was a kid and it felt like I was in Alice's Wonderland
David, DJ
We love Juno Records in London, it's the best music store in the whole city. We always see fascinating characters here too. There was this old wise-cracking Irish guy chatting us up earlier – it's got a great atmosphere
Anna and Kevin, Photographer and Musician
I'm touring my sister around London for the day as it's her first time in the city. Of course I came to Camden first. To me it's the most “British” of all the areas – cool Britannia!
Jenny, Teacher
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