Bethnal Green Road, London - The Dynamic Retail Space

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1334 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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Welcome to a versatile and vibrant retail space located in the heart of Shoreditch, surrounded by creativity and energy. This space, nestled within Rich Mix, offers endless possibilities for your retail venture. With its large windows facing Bethnal Green Road and a convenient built-in bar, this space has been used successfully for various events, exhibitions, and pop-ups. Whether you're planning a photo shoot, sample sale, product launch, presentation, or actualising your retail concept, there's an abundance of room to bring your vision to life.


Période minimum de réservation 5 jours


Tarif dégressif : plus la durée de votre location est longue, plus le prix diminue.

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Accès handicapé
Bon à savoir
The space offers flexibility for F&B businesses, including bars, restaurants, pizza shops, delis, and more. It is also suitable for retail brands looking to showcase their products alongside a coffee or drinks offering. Please note that the space's price and availability may vary.

Rich Mix is a vibrant and active community and some engagement from the rest of the buildings operations should be expected.
Licence d’exploitation

Read more about our licenses in our FAQs

Heures d’ouverture

Du lundi au vendredi : 9:00 - 22:00

Weekend : 9:00 - 22:00

Les règles à suivre
This space is owned and run by Rich Mix Charity. Timings for later opening can be agreed upon viewing with the landlord and catering options can be offered to events and services elsewhere within the business.

The space shared access with members of the public accessing Escape Plan, however they are collected from our reception and walked down the stairs by escape plan employees. If a client needs exclusivity we can look at this for an additional cost.

The Client agrees to ensure that the maximum capacity for any room is not exceeded.

The Client agrees to have no naked flames within the space.

The Client agrees to let Rich Mix aware of any large quantities of solvents being used within the space that could impact any smoke alarms.

The Client agrees to dispose of all their rubbish accordingly. If the client wishes Rich Mix to dispose of any rubbish there may be a charge.

The Client will inform Rich Mix of any desire to fix items to the wall, ceiling, floor or window of which approval will be needed.

If a client wishes to bring in their own catering. A full food hygiene certificate will need to be provided, along with the caterers public liability insurance, employee liability insurance, risk assessments and any request for additional space in order to serve their product.

In the event that Rich Mix incurs any costs, charges or penalties as a result of having entered into any contracts with third parties and the total amount for which Rich Mix is liable exceeds the cancellation fee, the Client shall pay an amount equivalent to such excess to Rich Mix.

Rich Mix shall provide staff for the day to day running of the Event if requested by the Client and Rich Mix has the capacity to do so. Charges apply.

The Client shall only use any mechanical or electrical equipment on Rich Mix’s premises with the prior written consent of Rich Mix.

The Client shall provide to Rich Mix, when requested, all layout drawings, risk assessments and load in/out details for approval.

The Client agrees not to affix anything to the doors, walls, ceilings or columns of the premises without the prior written consent of the Rich Mix which shall be at the absolute discretion of Rich Mix.

The Client agrees to ensure all licences, registrations and statutory consents for the Event and for any services to be provided (other than by the Company) are in full force and effect.

The Client shall not use the name, trade mark or logo of Rich Mix in any publicity, advertising or promotion of the Event without the Company’s prior written consent other than for the purpose of indicating the location of the Event.

Rich Mix does not exclude or restrict its liability in respect of death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or as a result of any fraudulent misrepresentation.

Rich Mix accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, cost of claim to any items the client has chosen to leave within the hired space overnight. Rich Mix can supply overnight security at a cost to the client if the client wishes.

The client must inform and gain approval from Rich Mix if they wish to play amplified music in advance. Rich Mix is licensed to play music at a maximum of 101 decibels (db). If the volume exceeds 101 decibels (db) Rich Mix reserves the right to reduce or curtail the sound accordingly.

The Client is responsible for any of their party under the age of 18 at all times and is required to provide adequate staffing levels for their supervision (chaperones).

The rules and regulations set out by Rich Mix upon booking are to be adhered to by the client. Including but not limited to the use of client advertising on the front of the Rich Mix building, any changes or exceptions will be made to the client in writing by Rich Mix.

Public liability insurance and risk assessment documentation are required by Rich Mix

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