Brixton - The Arch Event Space

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2000 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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Studio Z Brixton is a large and unique railway arch now used as a multi-purpose events space and photography studio. The Victorian exposed brickwork, natural daylight and blackout options make it the perfect spot for product launches, exhibitions, film screenings, both corporate or private events and more. You can have the use of a fully-equipped professional kitchen situated in the adjoining space, making the venue a great option if you are looking to provide on-site catering for your event or host supper clubs. With high curved ceilings, this venue guarantees fantastic acoustics for your live music event or theatre performances. Available for wet or dry hire with an almost endless list of options, the landlord can also assist with venue decorations, provide bar and security staff, organise live music / DJ, lighting and audio visual equipment.


Période minimum de réservation 1 jour

Équipements (5 disponibles)
Accès handicapé
Bon à savoir
Venue is split in to two separate spaces
Licence d’exploitation

Read more about our licenses in our FAQs

Heures d’ouverture

Monday 7:00 - 22:00

Tuesday 7:00 - 22:00

Wednesday 7:00 - 22:00

Les règles à suivre
Brands must present £5 million public liability insurance certificate at the time of check in. Access to the space may be restricted upon failure to present this certificate.

The client takes responsibility for following all fire and safety rules during the hire period. A
representative of the landlord will be available to explain our fire risk assessment upon request at a
mutually convenient time before the hire commences.

‘Force Majeure’ - The landlord shall have no liability to the client for consequential losses which result from power cuts, external noise or other events, breakdowns which delay or prevent use of the venue. In the case of but not limited to a pandemic it is at the discretion of the landlord in the first instance to reschedule the event and at an agreed date.

During the hire period the client shall not cause noise or other disturbance in the neighbourhood or Orphans Yard alley which could lead to action by individuals or organisations against the venue.

When entering any other area of the building or in Orphan’s Yard alley (without being accompanied by an agent of the landlord) a client accepts responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of that area even though that area has not been hired to the client.

Any defects found in the venue infrastructure should be brought to the attention of a representative of the landlord. A client who identifies an unacceptable risk then continues to work is deemed to accept liability for any consequences that follow.

Unless agreed in writing the client takes responsibility for all costs incurred by their use of the venue including, but not limited to; equipment hire, third party service hire, taxis, food.

At the time of booking the client must make clear the services and quantities required. There will be no refund for services cancelled or quantities reduced within 7 days of the booking.

If a pre-paid bar or food package is booked and the number of attendees exceed the quantity booked, additional attendees will be charged at the agreed rate per person.

If the sale of alcoholic drinks is to take place during the hire period, a minimum of 1 person with a valid personal license is to be present and on the premises throughout the event.

At the end of the hire period the client agrees to leave the venue in a condition equal to or better than its condition at the commencement of the hire period.

The hire period does not end until the venue is formally handed back to a representative of the landlord. Do not walk away at the end of the hire period without ensuring the security of the venue.

House rules during installation and setup unless otherwise agreed by the landlord:
No screwing into walls
No double sided tape
No painting of walls or floors

House rules during an event:
Doors must remain closed while music playing after 9pm.
Interior Db level cannot exceed 80db
Exterior Db level cannot exceed 58db
Number of guests within the building cannot exceed:
Studio Z: 160
House rules during de-rig

All branding, signage, promotional materials, equipment and any other items must be removed by the end of the booking period. The landlord reserves the right to impose charges at their discretion, for any items not removed. The landlord reserves the right to dispose of any items left at the venue at the end of the booking period.
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