Brushfield Street, Spitalfields - Glass-Walled F&B or Retail Space

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1055 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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Politique d’annulation Covid-19

En cas de confinement imposé par le gouvernement, cet espace est soumis à la politique d’annulation COVID-19, détaillée dans les Conditions Générales d’Utilisation d’Appear Here. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus


As well as a gateway to Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane, this busy stretch has emerged as a shopping and dining destination in its own right. Attached to the side of the Bishopsgate Institute – a Grade II listed centre of learning – this beautiful space to rent blends the old and new with its Victorian brickwork, parquet flooring and huge glass windows, and is ready to go for your F&B or retail idea. It's worth noting that whilst the space comes with a kitchen which can be blocked off or used at an additional cost, there is currently no oven so tenants will need to provide their own if necessary.


Période minimum de réservation 90 jours

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Accès handicapé
Calendrier détaillé
Bon à savoir
This is an unconventional space, and you may need to move things around to make it work for retail.

All decoration plans must be approved by the Landlord beforehand, but they will move the furniture and remove kitchen equipment if it’s not needed. The kitchen area can also be blocked off.

The landlord has a premises license for the building but any concept would need their own DPS with a personal alcohol license.

There is currently no oven in the kitchen area so this site is suitable for tenants with their own oven or a concept that doesn't need a cooking area.
Licence d’exploitation

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Heures d’ouverture

Monday 7:00 - 0:00

Tuesday 7:00 - 0:00

Wednesday 7:00 - 0:00

Les règles à suivre
The landlord has a premises license for the building but any concept would need their own DPS with a personal alcohol license.

There is currently no oven in the kitchen area so this site is suitable for tenants with their own oven or a concept that doesn't need a cooking area.

The Landlord expects The Tenant to:

Complete a pre and post inspection of the premises with The Landlord present, including its fixtures and fittings and to highlight any concerns to The Landlord immediately.

Adhere to The Landlord’s Health & Safety Policy and Procedures including it’s Fire Evacuation Policy and Procedures. Ensuring that all tenant’s staff on site are aware of these procedures.

Ensure the premises is locked and secured when not in use.

Provide The Landlord with a list of all electrical equipment they may wish to install, a minimum of one month before taking up the tenancy, providing PAT test certificate and power loading for each item of equipment.

No fixtures or fittings to be altered, removed without the permission of The Landlord. The Tenant will bear the cost to replace, remove and store anything that The Landlord agrees can be taken off site during their residency.

Any damage to The Landlord’s fixtures or fittings will be repaired, replaced at The Tenant’s cost.
No vinyl or marketing materials to be put on the glass windows or façade without The Landlord’s written permission. Any vinyl added to the windows without permission will be removed at The Tenant’s expense.

All vinyl must use a low tac adhesive and not leave any marks on the windows when removed.
The Tenant must make their own arrangements to accept deliveries and post, The Landlord will not accept or sign for deliveries or post on their behalf.

Keep the kitchen, eating space and bathroom facilities to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. To provide their own cleaning materials and bathroom consumables.
Ensure all waste and recycling is disposed of using the waste and recycling bins provided and under direction from The Landlord.

Allow Landlord's staff and contractors access, with reasonable (24 hours) notice to complete maintenance and servicing and immediate access in an emergency.

All contact by The Tenant should be though Appear Here, whether it relates to general enquiries or any faults that may arise.

Ensure all tenant’s equipment is removed by the last day of the tenancy or The Tenant will be charged for overrunning.

Kitchen chefs must be trained and competent in operating the kitchen equipment, including ovens and dishwashers currently in place.

No kitchen equipment is to be added or removed from the space without the express written permission of The Landlord.

The Landlord will provide:

Two sets of keys, to be signed for by The Tenant. Any additional keys required by The Tenant, must be agreed with The Landlord, paid for by The Tenant and returned to The Landlord on the last day of the tenancy.

Pat testing, servicing and maintenance of the premises’ electrical circuits.

Service and maintenance of fire systems, gas safety systems, gas safety certification, pest control, and toilet facilities.

Constant boiler hot water supply to the kitchen, but limited to tank capacity.
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