Market Row, Brixton - The Wood-Paneled Restaurant

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1385 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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This bright, airy space is a two-storey full restaurant takeover to rent in south London’s colourful Brixton market. The downstairs is spacious, with plenty of room for seating and product displays, while the upstairs consists of a number of smaller rooms, which provide ample storage space. The space faces directly onto the market, and boasts a unique wood-panelled facade which is guaranteed to catch the eyes of Brixton’s eclectic locals. Amongst the grand glass ceilings and winding paths that give the market a classic arcade feel, visitors are treated to a true taste of Brixton’s worldly hospitality. Quirky stores, hip cafes and independent restaurants pour into walkways accompanied by uplifting music and the sounds of great conversation. No idea is too outlandish for Brixton, the locals welcome new independent brands with open arms - the quirkier the idea, the better.


Période minimum de réservation 7 jours


Tarif dégressif : plus la durée de votre location est longue, plus le prix diminue.

Équipements (1 disponibles)
Accès handicapé
Bon à savoir
You will need to install some kitchen equipment to bring your F&B concept to life.

This space is currently being used for storage but it will be cleared prior to moving in.
Heures d’ouverture

Monday 8:00 - 18:00

Tuesday 8:00 - 23:30

Wednesday 8:00 - 23:30

Les règles à suivre
All changes to the space must be approved by the landlord.

All Tenants must provide insurance documentation and shop fit proposal before they will be permitted access to the space.

All tenants must comply with the landlord tenant handbook for the market.
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