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Penton Street, Islington – Shared Space


1 500 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


À partager



Behind White Lion Street, not far from Pentonville Road, you’ll find a fresh retail space in need of a new brand. Make it your own with a launch close to Chapel Market and the local pubs, bars and houses that make up Angel. One of north London’s most popular boroughs.

The space is currently set out as a gallery. It features a simple, discrete shopfront and a main front room that leads down a few small steps to a long, narrow exhibition space. A third, smaller room can be found at the back and there’s separate storage space and a kitchen area. The landlord will use the front office to work in occasionally while your booking is running, so be prepared to share the space.

Showcase a new product, trial a new gallery concept, or tour your new work here. The space could also work as a unique setting for a new retail collection. The landlord is flexible on the types of brands and ideas that can move in, but they’re especially interested in those looking to become part of the community. As they’ll be working on one floor of the building too.

View the floorplan for this space.


  • Éclairage
  • Chauffage
  • Toilettes
  • Système de sécurité
  • Volets de sécurité
  • Réserve
  • Wifi

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Les règles à suivre

Landlord would not consider long term as they run their gallery/office from the space.

Bon à savoir

The main floorspace is long and narrow, and the road itself is just off a busier high street.

Landlord will use the front office to work occasionally, so be prepared to share the space.


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