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Redchurch Street – Corner Brick Boutique

London, Shoreditch

110 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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The rise and rise of mighty Redchurch Street has been going on for a few years now. In that time, this once shabby street in central Shoreditch has become a natural home to popular local boutiques and established brand favourites, such as Aubin & Wills, Labour and Wait and 11 Boundary womenswear.

This space is on the corner, with a striking white exterior that will get your shop noticed. Inside, it features exposed brick walls, rigged spotlights and original wooden flooring. Choose a space with natural atmosphere - and make this your East London home now.

You'll be a short walk from Dishoom restaurant, Brewdog and The Electric Cinema, Shoreditch. In this lively area expect to see footfall peaks at all sorts of times.

Success Story: Anna Walker


  • Éclairage
  • Étagères
  • Comptoirs
  • Chauffage
  • Toilettes
  • Système de sécurité
  • Volets de sécurité
  • Accès handicapé
  • Wifi

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Les règles à suivre

Tenants must have their own public liability insurance.

For booking dates across November and December, the day price goes up to £285 per day.

Due to council licensing restrictions, the tenant is allowed one single A-board measuring no more than 1m x 1m in total. The tenant is not licensed to put anything else outside the shop, and if this occurs the tenant may be liable to pay a fine issued by the council.

Brands can access the property Monday-Saturday from 9am until 8pm and Sunday 9am until 7pm. Access for set up on day 1 of tenancy is 8am-9pm.
Should the tenant stay beyond the designated access time set out in the contract, £200 will be deducted from their deposit for each time this occurs.

No drilling into the brickwork, it's too fragile. There's plenty of shelving in place to make up for this. No redecorating of the interior or exterior, it needs to stay white.

Additional requirements from the landlord which must be adhered to:
- Blinds must be drawn at the end of each day and lights switched off
- External shutters must be attached at end of each day with padlocks provided
- Alarm must be set and fire door locked each night
- Nothing must be stored or placed behind fire door at any time other than coats and handbags which can be hung on the pegs provided

Bon à savoir

There's no parking outside the shop, and local vehicle unloading time is restricted to 20 minutes by the council.

There isn't much storage space available and you'll need to be mindful of those living in the flat above.

For booking dates across November and December, the day price goes up to £285 per day.


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