The Sidings, Waterloo — The Large Retail Space (G18)

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Bar & Restaurant


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How does a sleek and fresh retail space with a dash of industrial edge sound? The Sidings is turning out to be one of London’s most exciting new developments. This space happens to be one of its the largest and is perfectly primed for your retail concept to claim its own piece of central London. You’ll also get to be the trailblazer and one of the first people to pop up in this space, meaning lots of launches, events and activations planned over the next coming months (a.k.a major exposure). And with big brands such as BrewDog settling into their new space just a couple of doors down, Waterloo is officially back in vogue.


Période minimum de réservation 7 jours

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Bon à savoir
This is a new development so your neighbours including Neuhaus, Black Sheep Coffee are all in the process of opening up too - make sure you're ready to launch your marketing hard.

The toilets for this shop are communal and just round the corner from the space.
There is no running water in the space currently but supply could be fitted and setup upon discussion with the landlord.

The expected duration to complete Concept Design approval is 2 weeks once your booking is finalised
Licence d’exploitation

Read more about our licenses in our FAQs

Heures d’ouverture

Monday 8:00 - 20:00

Tuesday 8:00 - 20:00

Wednesday 8:00 - 20:00

Les règles à suivre
The expected duration to complete Concept Design approval is 2 weeks once your booking is finalised

To comply with any Wireless Policy.
To comply at all times with the policies and regulations contained in the Tenant Handbook.
The Sidings have high security and all brands staff will be required to attend staff induction training and must complete hourly security checks in the units.
Cause as little interference to the operation and use of the Centre as reasonably practicable; and cause as little physical damage as is reasonably practicable and repairing any physical damage that the Tenant causes as soon as reasonably practicable.
All media serving the Premises for the supply or removal of heat, electricity, gas, water, sewage, air-conditioning, energy, telecommunications, data and all other services and utilities, and all structures, machinery and equipment ancillary to those media serving the Premises.

Core Opening Hours is defined by: 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday inclusive and 9am to 7pm on Sunday and Public Holidays.

Ensure the Premises is open for trading during Core Opening Hours.

Observe all regulations made by the Landlord from time to time in accordance with the principles of good estate management and notified to the Tenant relating to the use of the Centre.

Keep the shop windows of the Premises appropriately dressed and appropriately lit during Centre Opening Hours.

Keep the Premises open for business and take reasonable steps to maintain active trade during the Core Opening Hours unless:-
the Tenant is prevented from so doing by reason of the destruction of or damage to the Premises or the Centre by risk against which the Landlord has insured or some other cause wholly beyond the Tenant's reasonable control so that the Premises are unfit for occupation and use or inaccessible;
to do so would be contrary to any regulation or requirement of any competent statutory or local authority.
not to allow any person to sleep at or reside on the Property.


The following rights are excepted and reserved to the Landlord its successors in title its assigns and all persons authorised by it including but without limitation Network Rail or any successor body:-

1.1 Support and shelter for the remainder of the Centre and the Railway Infrastructure from the Premises.
1.2 All rights of light or air to the Premises that now exist or that might (but for this reservation) be acquired over any other land.

The passage and running of supplies from and to the remainder of the Centre through existing conducting media (if any) within the Premises.

3.1 To enter the Premises to:-
3.1.1 review or measure the environmental performance of the Premises including to install, inspect, clean, maintain, replace and to take readings from metering equipment heat cost allocators and thermostatic radiator valves within or relating to the Premises and to prepare an EPC; and
3.1.2 estimate the current value or rebuilding cost of the Premises and the Centre for insurance or any other purpose.
3.2 If the relevant work cannot be reasonably practicably carried out without entry onto the Premises, to enter them to:-
3.2.1 build on or into any boundary or party walls on or adjacent to the Premises;
3.2.2 inspect, repair, alter, decorate, rebuild or carry out other works upon the Centre;
3.2.3 inspect, clean, maintain, replace or repair any existing Conducting Media within the Premises but serving the Centre; or
3.2.4 for any other reasonable management purpose.
3.3 To enter the Premises to do anything that the Landlord is expressly entitled or required to do under this Lease or for any other proper purpose in connection with this Tenancy Agreement or as required by Network Rail or any successor body.

4.1 In an emergency, or when works are being carried out to them, to close off or restrict access to the Common Parts, so long as (except in an emergency) alternative facilities are provided that are not materially less convenient and such period of interruption is as short as reasonably practicable.
4.2 To change, end the use of or reduce the extent of any Common Parts or conducting media so long as:-
4.2.1 alternative facilities are provided that are not materially less convenient to the Tenant's use;
4.2.2 if no alternative is provided, the use and enjoyment of the Premises is not materially adversely affected;
4.2.3. the Tenant is given not less than 10 business days prior written notice of such works or no notice in the case of emergency; or
4.2.4 any interruption to the Tenant's use of the Common Parts and/or the Conducting Media is kept to a minimum.
4.3 From time to time to designate areas within the Common Parts for particular purposes including as service areas, Car Parks, service roads and footpaths and from time to time to reduce the size of any designated areas, so long as the remaining areas are not materially less suitable for their intended purposes.
4.4 To run conducting media over, under or along those areas allocated for the use of the Tenant (or allow others to do so) so long as such conducting media does not materially adversely affect the Tenant's use of those areas.
4.5 To allow trade barrows, stands, festive activities, promotional activities and other commercial activities to take place on or to operate from the Common Parts, so long as there is no material obstruction to the use of those Common Parts by those having rights over them.

To carry out works of construction, demolition, alteration or redevelopment on the Centre and any adjoining premises (and to permit others to do so) as the Landlord in its absolute discretion considers fit (whether or not these works interfere with the flow of light and air to the Premises) and the right in connection with those works to underpin and shore up the Premises.

Subject to paragraph 6.2:-
6.1 The right, where necessary, to bring plant and equipment onto the Premises and to place scaffolding and ladders upon the exterior of or outside any buildings on the Premises in exercising the Landlord's rights under this Lease.
6.2 In the exercise of the right reserved by paragraph 6.1 the Landlord shall:-
6.2.1 give the Tenant not less than 20 business days prior written notice (except in the case of emergency when no notice is required if notice cannot be practicably given otherwise);
6.2.2 observe the Tenant's reasonable requirements (but where that includes being accompanied by the Tenant's representative the Tenant must make that representative available) and all requirements of Network Rail or any successor body;
6.2.3 provide alternative signage;
6.2.4 avoid prescribed trading times or seasons; and
6.2.5 minimise the period of scaffolding/entry.

With or without notice:-
7.1 to carry out (whether on or from the Premises) any works which may in the opinion of the Superior landlord, the Landlord and/or Network Rail or any successor body be necessary for the proper operation of the Centre and/or necessary to discharge any Operational Requirements;
7.2 for the Superior landlord, the Landlord and/or Network Rail or any successor body to enter on such part of the Premises for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining or repairing any adjoining property of the Landlord in order to comply with any Operational Requirements; and
7.3 to carry out (whether on or from the Premises) any works which may in the opinion of the Superior landlord, the Landlord and/or Network Rail or any successor body be necessary for the maintenance and or upkeep of the Retained Structures.
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