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A laid-back oasis with Italian roots

Within the bustle of Lower Manhattan, Nolita is a low-key sanctuary. Here, buildings lay low and mingle with the sidewalk. Narrow, tree-lined streets encourage slow strolls and bicycle cruises. Pedestrians don’t rush to their destinations, they take their time: enjoying a shared bench, a cup of espresso, a stroll through the park, or even a cocktail in a hidden basement bar.

Though Nolita earned its distinguished name, a portmanteau of “North of Little Italy”, in the mid-1990s, strands of its southerly enclave live on in the butcher shops and other Italian relics pinched between hip new boutiques and restaurants. Old-school residents still start mornings with a “buongiorno” and end conversations with a “ciao” — they aren’t budging from this place. However, the new guard is young and transient. But if one thing can get them to sit still, perhaps la bella vita in Nolita is it.

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What do I like best about this neighborhood? That's a no brainer, it has to be the restaurants.
Leah, Events Coordinator
During the day I like sitting in the cafes and people watching, seeing all the different types of New Yorkers who pass by.
Dionna, DJ
I'm the store owner at Mo: Vint. I chose this location because the area is home to a lot of cute stores so there's lots of passing traffic from shoppers.
Kay, Store Owner
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