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If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere

New York is not one city, but many. A destination for travelers and dreamers who create its cultural tapestry. A booming financial hub that turns the pistons of global business. The sum of thousands of ultra-dense neighborhoods and communities with distinct identities. The old adage “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” rings true — because in its composition and in its influence, New York City is everywhere.

If New York has a defining characteristic, it’s the way the city evolves. The past provides some proof: pop art, punk rock, hip-hop, and the American gay rights movement are a few of the many movements born from the city’s progressive energy. New York is a place made vital by the ambitious entrepreneurs who come here, soak up and exchange ideas, and then spread them to the rest of the world.

From urban greenways on elevated train tracks to startup workspaces in converted Brooklyn factories, the New Yorkers know how to make the most out of their spaces. Every day, new brands are innovating the next generation of products, cuisines, and experiences amongst an ever-changing landscape. Use our destination guides to explore New York’s most exciting neighborhoods for new ideas and find a home for yours.

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