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Brooklyn’s original creative capital

What happens in Williamsburg… doesn’t stay in Williamsburg. Once a deserted industrial neighbourhood, Williamsburg is now Brooklyn’s creative capital. This is where today’s experimentation becomes tomorrow’s trend. Fashion-forward exhibitionists use Bedford Avenue as a catwalk for uninhibited self-expression. Freelance, multi-hyphenates, hunker down at well-curated coffee shops to work on their next big ideas. New bands play their breakthrough gigs at divey clubs. In Williamsburg, the creative energy is palpable, and it’s eager to spread beyond the L-train.

Because of its proximity to Manhattan (a single subway stop, to be exact), Williamsburg has also become home to many young professionals looking for a quick commute to their day jobs. Luxury condos on the water have sprung up in recent years as a result, showcasing the neighborhood’s prosperity to the rest of the city. What’s Williamsburg’s challenge for the future? To manage its success without losing its cool.

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I'm actually new to the city so I like how unique it feels across the Hudson. It's easy to find something entertaining to do here.
Marissa, Dancer
I'd definitely recommend the cocktail bar at Hotel Domano - it's the best place in Nolita to grab drinks.
Hannah, Photographer
It feels international here which is great, you can get inspired by all the different cultures and heritages.
Suzanne, Art Director
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