West 56th Street, Midtown - The Flagship Showroom

New Yorkicône de chevronMidtownicône de chevronWest 56th Street, Midtown - The Flagship Showroom

3000 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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There’s almost no place in New York City that gets more foot traffic from shoppers around the globe than 5th Avenue. In fact, the thoroughfare's name is synonymous with high style and glamor. It’s where people from around the world flock to for the latest fashions. Built in 1901 and formerly home to Hollywood royalty Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, this prime Midtown building oozes sophistication and elegance. In this six-floor townhouse to rent, three floors are co-working spaces and the other three are dedicated retail or showroom spaces. With a mix of polished concrete, dark hardwood, and marble floors, high ceilings, and lots of natural light there’s no other way to describe it than stunning. A spiral staircase runs from the ground floor to the top floor, and each story in between has intricate design details and lots of windows. The ceilings are also high, adding a sense of grandeur to the interior. Centrally located in the heart of Manhattan just three blocks south of Central Park, this space is easy to get to with almost all major Manhattan trains a few blocks away including the N/R or the 5th Avenue bus.


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This is a huge space, it will need a fit out that packs a punch. Additional cost for a required security guard.

Cleaning Fee: $100
Security Guard: $50/hour
Heures d’ouverture

Du lundi au vendredi : 9:00 - 18:00

Weekend : 9:00 - 18:00

Les règles à suivre
- Cleaning Fee: $200 a day
- Security Guard: $50/hour during hours of event

Insurance: OCCUPANT is to maintain, at its own expense, “All Risk” or “Special Perils” form property insurance covering all business property and personal effects that you or anyone brings onto the premises; (ii) commercial general liability insurance with
limits of not less than $5,000,000 “per Occurrence” and $10,000,000 “Aggregate”, covering OCCUPANT, your Company and any other additional insures named in this agreement, for Bodily or Personal Injury to guests and other third parties and for Property Damage, including destruction of/loss of use, to third parties’ property; (iii) Workers Compensation & Employers Liability as required by State statute or regulation. 10 West 56th Street LLC, Sebastian Capital Inc. as managing agent, as well as SBE, LLC, USBE, LLC and IC Real Estate Holding Corp must be included under the commercial general liability insurance as additional insureds on a “primary” basis, without contribution from those parties’ insurance. In addition, all the required insurance
will contain a waiver of subrogation against all the “additional insured” parties
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